Our Vision
We see a world with a critical mass of Transformational Youth Ambassadors making a sustainable living doing what they love.

Our Mision
To facilitate opportunities for youth employment and engagement using creative arts as a tool.

Street Project is a social enterprise conceived as an intervention to myriads of youths living under the poverty line. Youth restlessness, lack of direction and opportunities to develop their skills are limitations to their development and empowerment, hence the need to harness their talents. It is also conceived to search within the society for genuine benevolent humanitarians, who need help and support to foster continuity. By identifying these organizations, bringing the spotlight on them, we ensure a sustained commonwealth and this we have achieved through various projects.

Founded by Rita Ezenwa-Okoro – The Lead Visionary of Street Project Foundation and a Marketing Communications Practitioner with over a decade’s experience. Her community development journey started during a compulsory service year in Lagos, where she served as Vice-President of a special community development group called one-house Music Unit.

After the completion of her service year, the passion to give back to the community kept burning and led to the establishment of STREET PROJECT in 2006 however, operations started in full force in 2008 and since then together with volunteers from all works of life, has consistently executed projects that have impacted numerous lives.

Some of Street Project’s achievements include:

  • Established Street Project Talent Hub in 2017. It is the talent management unit of the organisation that ensures our young people generate income from their creative enterprises.
  • Engaged 200 young talents in a Creative Youth Boot Camp and placed 60% of them on internships and mentoring programs.
  • Trained of 25 youths on Content Development, Social Media Marketing and Creative Problem Solving through the Reflection Series initiative in 2015.
  • Trained 50 young talents in music, dance and comedy. Talents were shortlisted from almost 200youths discovered on the street through random video recording in selected areas of Lagos State. After the talent-hunt competition in 2010 and 2011, 6winners emerged and have been mentored by veterans in their field of interest. Today, many of the participants, winners and non-winners alike, are using their talents as a source of livelihood and using their earnings to pay for their education in higher institutions. One of the winners has become an on-air personality on radio, another is in a dance academy, another is an emerging stand-up comedian and this was made possible through Street Project’s Mentoring Program.
  • Installed borehole and treated water in the Lagos Branch of So-said Charity home for the destitute and vulnerable in society in 2012. This charity home accommodates close to two hundred (200) mentally ill women and their children. It is both a rehabilitation centre and shelter. Before Street Project’s intervention, the lack of consistent water supply led many of the mentally ill women to drink from the swamp, when unattended. The home was also an uncompleted building without proper sanitation. After the borehole was installed in December 2012, the development in the home has been rapid. Now sanitation has been restored-therefore reducing health hazards.
  • Awarded Scholarships for three youths in Citadel of Grace Orphanage for one full-term.
  • Offered 6months Piano training for 24orphans in Precious Pearls Orphanage Egbeda.
  • Established Street Project Ambassadors in 2012 – an online hub for previous participants of Project Raw talent hunt competition.
  • A total of over one thousand youths have benefitted from Street Project’s philanthropic efforts. Street Project Foundation is has built a talent community online, which serves as a hub for continous learning and opportunities.
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Gift Chikere – Room 69, Moremi, Prison Chronicles, Elephant 18 – a one-man play of over 1,480 lines, these and more are some of the Stage Plays Spoken Word Artiste and Street Project Ambassador Chikere Gift has starred in, just four months after the Creative Youth Boot Camp.

Gift Chikere
Ambassador, 2017 Graduate

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