Creative Juice: How do you know you’ve got it?

Written by Chibuikem Chris-Oparah (Street Project Ambassador)2016-New-Lamp-Beverage-Plastic-Bottle-Milk-Lamp-Creative-Juice-Wedding-banquet-tea-shop-drink-bottles

Just like a fruit, every human is unique. We are shaped differently and our flavors differ. But how do we know if our creative field is fertilized enough to give us the yield we desire either emotionally, financially, spiritually or materially? What are the qualities a creative mind must possess to succeed in life?

Here are some qualities we have identified;

WILLINGNESS TO LEARN: Nobody knows it all. A creative person must strive for constant improvement and that can only happen when you are open to learning new things, exploring new terrains and discovering new ways of getting things done. Never be tired of researching, it is the key to improving your craft.

SELF DISCIPLINE: The ability to resist group/peer pressure is very important. An artist must be unique; to do that you need to be different from the crowd. There is a saying that “you need to be odd to be number one”… That sums it all.

PROBLEM SOLVERS: Creativity is the ability to find solutions to existing problems in a way that has never been done before. Identify a problem in your community today and think of innovative ways of solving it.

DOERS: If you have ideas and you don’t act on them you’re imaginative not creative. The ability to actualize your ideas is what makes you creative. This requires a large doze of passion, commitment, consistency and resilience.

AMBITIOUS: Creative people should have a vision, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely goals and the tenacity to actualize the vision.

CONFIDENCE: Creativity and the word “shy” shouldn’t be used in the same sentence. A creative person should be bold and always ready to showcase or explore his or her talent when they ought to.

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