Don’t Be That Jollof Rice That Needs Stew

Written by Chris-Oparah Chibuikem, Street Project Ambassador



Just like Nigerian jollof rice, the human talent in Nigeria is highly appreciated. However, only a few are regarded as top notch. So how do you attain that level as a creative person, the level at which your audience/clients would be entirely satisfied with?

Here are some tips;

STAY HUNGRY: Never settle for less. Always strive to be better each day. Every average Nigerian thinks he/she has got the ability to do what you do but what really separates you is your level of professionalism and how good you are at what you do. A simple way to get there gradually is, “Always be better than you were yesterday”. Learn new things daily.

BE UNIQUE: Don’t ever do what is normal. Stand out! Normal is boring. People get excited when they see something new. Expect a normal paycheck for a normal performance, a crazy paycheck for a crazy (outstanding) performance. That’s how it goes

AVOID PROCASTINATION: In cooking, some ingredients are best put at the start and others at the end. The same applies to life. Don’t postpone what you ought to do now or else it might just be too late and the output wouldn’t come out as good as it ought to be.

BE DILIGENT: Always remember, there’s Jollof at the end of the reception. The best part of your career is yet to come but you’ll never get there if you just leave. Stick to the fight and never give up. Work hard, work smart, keep doing you and definitely you’ll attain that level of being like an ideal Jollof Rice.

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