HAVEN Project

Seeing that a Smile for December only catered for the needs of youths living in charity homes, it was necessary to follow-up on the homes impacted. This project was borne therefore out of a need for a long lasting impact on the beneficiaries of A Smile for December initiative. As such, all year long, selected homes are catered for based on their needs.

Every quarter of the year, the homes are visited to monitor their progress and support them with the delivery of their immediate needs such as, mattresses, refrigerators, clothes, toys, books e.t.c.

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Gift Chikere – Room 69, Moremi, Prison Chronicles, Elephant 18 – a one-man play of over 1,480 lines, these and more are some of the Stage Plays Spoken Word Artiste and Street Project Ambassador Chikere Gift has starred in, just four months after the Creative Youth Boot Camp.

Gift Chikere
Ambassador, 2017 Graduate

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