Oriola Basit Olarenwaju a.k.a PAGE

Oriola Basit Olarenwaju a.k.a PAGE was always referred to growing up as one being raised by 1million faces because each person that came into his life, left him with a portion of wisdom and at age 15 he was already an entrepreneur. He is a 2017 graduate of Street Project Foundation’s Creative Youth Boot Camp where his dreams were brought to reality. After the boot camp he emerged first runner up in Visual Art Category at the Lagos State Ministry of Youth talent competition. The knowledge and skills he acquired from the boot camp made him better and has reflected in the subsequent jobs he has done for brands like MTN, Soreparit and Farmcity.

He is currently the brand consultant for Ibrahim Iroko designs, where he directly paints on T-shirts, Sweat shirts. He also prints on lottery balls for ‘give and take lottery’ and delivery package designs for fab fruits. PAGE is a printer, fashion industrial illustrator, an interior designer, visual artist, brand strategist, procurer, artistry makeup and a visionary. According to PAGE doing what he loves gives him confidence and courage and he believes in using his craft to send a message that will always be remembered that is why his business name is FUTPRINT. NG. His dream is to be a Mentor and a Brand Strategist.

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