Eduvielawhe Olutimayin

Eduvielawhe Ogoro is a Partner and the Director of Operations for Street Project Foundation. She is an ardent advocate of human and economic development through leadership and enterprise. Starting her career in the banking industry, she worked in the Multilateral Unit of Zenith Bank Head office where loans were acquired from financial developmental institutions. In 2011, she went on to pursue an Executive Leadership MBA at Liverpool John Moores University where her dissertation was based on a case study of a working Social Enterprise system that impacted its community and country laws as a whole.

While in the UK, she volunteered at Citizens Advice Bureau, Birmingham, a non-governmental organization aimed at helping citizens take advantage of opportunities around them to raise their standard of living. She helped in identifying the challenges people had and recommended them to other specialist organizations. Eduvie also volunteered at Chara Trust, Liverpool where she was opportune to take part in the Steps-to-Success workshop on Social Entrepreneurship (UK) sponsored by the European Social Fund featuring a study visit to Poland to witness Social Entrepreneurship in action.