Talent Hub

This is an ensemble of young female Thespians who use performance as a tool to tell their stories. This Hub focuses on Social Justice Issues that affect the Girl Child, Women and Youth. The goal of this initiative is to;

  • Create a safe space for girls and young women affected by violence, discrimination and injustice as a result of their gender to speak up.
  • Use storytelling to instigate a movement that builds solidarity and support for girls and young women.
  • Teach girls and young women how to use performance for advocacy.



Increased self-efficacy in girls and young women to share their stories and experiences of gender-based injustice. Increased conversations on issues affecting girls within communities and in the media. Increased capacity for girls and young women to build effective movements.

how can we help you?

Reach out to us or send us an inquiry, we are always willing to help!

Gift Chikere – Room 69, Moremi, Prison Chronicles, Elephant 18 – a one-man play of over 1,480 lines, these and more are some of the Stage Plays Spoken Word Artiste and Street Project Ambassador Chikere Gift has starred in, just four months after the Creative Youth Boot Camp.

Gift Chikere
Ambassador, 2017 Graduate

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